Last summer we hired Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf to spray our yard for mosquitos (initially introduced to business via Groupon) and the treatments really worked. Preferred Pest changed our home dynamic because it allowed us to have guests over during the summer to play games and grill out outside, and to hang on our deck without being eaten alive by mosquitos. (I am the girl who will end up with 50 bites while everyone else may get 2 or 3) Thank you for offering an effective and cost efficient service, and thank you for employing a great staff. Our technician Austin answered all questions we had last year and we are looking forward to seeing him monthly again this summer!

Kristin Fabio - Knoxville, TN

This company is great to deal with, we had them do a termite inspection as a precaution before we purchased our home. They found activity, treated it and we signed on for preventative maintenance on a once a year basic. Great news for us, when our first yearly treatment was done, the cost had actually dropped by more than 50 %. You can imagine our surprise and joy. Typically prices rise over time, this company actually lowered the cost. We are also set up a bi monthly treatment for regular house pests, spiders, ants flies, etc. Great service, overall.

Debra P. - Knoxville, TN

Just signed up for the bi-monthly pest control service with Sam and Preferred Pest after they treated my house for termites! Service has been outstanding...courteous and prompt, but the best part...a bug free home! Highly recommend! Fair prices and quality pest control.

Bryce C. - Knoxville, TN

Sam is a very professional business person; he is well educated and current to procedures in the pest control industry. He has demonstrated the ability to work with and train others in his field and provide accurate information to his customers. He is attractively priced and stands behind his work. He is punctual and works within your schedule demands. I would recommend Sam for your pest control and turf management needs.

Lisa Jordan – Knoxville, TN 37923

Sam does a great job caring for my lawn chemical needs and making sure the insects in the house and out are well under control. He is very professional and knowledgeable. He has made this part of caring for my house and home simple. I highly recommend his services. In addition his prices are better than the big lower service kind of organizations.

Warren Oliver – Knoxville, TN 37931

I would recommend Sam and his company. He did a super job with my lawn, and I will continue to use his company and services.

Don Ball – Knoxville, TN 37922

Preferred Pest and Turf Management is very professional and cost effective. Sam, the owner, came out to do our service and was on time, very friendly and courteous. He is also very Knowledgeable and willing to hop in and do the job himself. I was impressed with that aspect. Most owners this day in age want to delegate and sit back. Not with Sam, he gets involved. I highly recommend Preferred Pest and Turf management.

Tim Carpenter – Oliver Springs, TN 37840

I used Preferred Pest & Turf Management for pest control. I have known the owner a long time and I have used him for 8 years. He can do both inside and outside service. He is very professional and he has a personal touch. He even took out my trash once. I think he is very reasonable because if you have an issue, like mice or ants in between times, he will come back and take care of it with no extra charge. He is on time, when he says he will be there he is, he is personable and trustworthy. He is a very good guy.

Lela Adams – Newport, TN 37821

We have used Sam for several things: indoor pest control, outdoor mosquito spraying, and termite service. We originally purchased a Groupon to use with Sam's services which included indoor and outdoor pest service with mosquito spraying. He, the owner, arrived on time, was very neatly dressed and polite. He went right to work and continued to work for several hours on just the pest control and mosquito spraying. We were SO impressed with his work and thoroughness that we also procured his services to start a termite contract on our house. He is a very professional young man and we wish him the very best with his business. We foresee he will do well!

Renee Barnett - Heiskell, TN 37754

Sprayed insecticide inside/outside the house and applied a spray for mosquitos on the lawn. The owner of the company provided the service. He was very professional, knowledgeable, personable, and willing to answer questions. I was particularly impressed with his treatment process inside the house. It was minimalist in nature - only at common entry points with a very controlled application. Since I have toddlers, their exposure to pesticide was a concern for me. Although we received a promotional rate, his prices for further future service seemed reasonable.

Christy Parrott - Knoxville, TN