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Spring Time is when Termites Swarm

Most people are unaware of how much damage pests do—particularly the ones that invade a home and settle in to eat parts of it. “In the springtime the most visible evidence of a termite infestation

Carpenter Bees Are Active in Knoxville Area

One of the most common sights during the early spring is carpenter bees. Many people confuse carpenter bees with bumblebees. They’re pretty easy to distinguish one from the other. Carpenter bees have shiny abdomens. They’re

Treat your lawn, not your dog! Lawn Flea Treatments

Lawn Flea Treatments Being the owner of a pest control company, I get asked questions frequently concerning fleas and ticks. Questions such as how to kill fleas, what are some flea remedies, how to get

Fleas don’t go away with colder weather

RALEIGH, N.C. — It’s time for Smokey the dog’s annual check-up at Care First Animal Hospital in Raleigh. Owner Susan Everett made the decision early to put Smokey on monthly medication to prevent fleas, and she

Cockroaches’ Weird Grooming Behavior Explained

Perhaps Fluffy the cat let cockroaches and other insects in on a little secret about cleanliness: Turns out, the creepy crawlies incessantly groom themselves to keep their antennae free from environmental pollutants and chemicals

How temperature and moisture impact termite behavior

As true of all cold-blooded creatures, temperature strongly influences termite activity. Studies have shown that subterranean termites will not forage in areas where upper level soil temperatures are either too hot or too cold.