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Where do spiders hangout?

[Spider Control] Spider Hangouts These eight-legged pests can be tricky to find in and around structures. Here’s where to look for them. LARRY PINTO & SANDRA KRAFT | June 25, 2013 Editor’s Note: This article was adapted from Techletter, a

Proactive steps reduce risk of termite damage

By Susan Collins-Smith Prevent Termite Damage JACKSON — Seasonal termite swarms cause Blake Layton’s phone to ring off the hook this time of year. Layton, a Mississippi State University Extension Service entomologist, said all three major termite

Tips to protect your pets – and your home – from fleas and ticks

Protect your pets from fleas and ticks Fleas and ticks are on every pet owner’s radar when warm weather flourishes. This is the season when both pets and people are itching to get outside, but

Crazy Ants Invade Southern U.S.

(CNN) — Beware the “crazy ants.” Researchers at the University of Texas are warning that the invasive species from South America has the potential to change the ecological balance in the southeastern United States, largely because

72,000 Ladybugs Released in Mall of America

, Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home, the nursery rhyme advises. And some 72,000 ladybugs have found a home within the Mall of America, where mall managers have released the insects inside the fully enclosed shopping and

Monster Mosquitoes Coming This Season?

Don’t be lulled into thinking that last year’s drought will keep this year’s mosquitoes at bay. (Photo: Marisol Amador, University of Florida) Last year’s drought that continues this year in some parts of the country was

Tracking whole colonies shows ants make career moves

Because all the workers in an ant colony look the same, tracking their movements and interactions by eye is fiendishly difficult. Instead, Danielle Mersch and her colleagues tagged every single worker in entire colonies

Spring Time is when Termites Swarm

Most people are unaware of how much damage pests do—particularly the ones that invade a home and settle in to eat parts of it. “In the springtime the most visible evidence of a termite infestation

Carpenter Bees Are Active in Knoxville Area

One of the most common sights during the early spring is carpenter bees. Many people confuse carpenter bees with bumblebees. They’re pretty easy to distinguish one from the other. Carpenter bees have shiny abdomens. They’re

Treat your lawn, not your dog! Lawn Flea Treatments

Lawn Flea Treatments Being the owner of a pest control company, I get asked questions frequently concerning fleas and ticks. Questions such as how to kill fleas, what are some flea remedies, how to get