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Need a Cost Efficient Termite Solution?

Sentricon CSS patch PMS

Sentricon Termite Bait stations might be the best option for you and your home! Check out this great video explaining what to expect if you get the this great termite solution for your property.   If

Swarming Termites vs. Swarming Ants

Swarming Termites v. Swarming Ants

It’s that time of year here in East Tennessee, Swarming season, and Swarming Ants and Swarming Termites are coming out and invading our yards! Don’t get stressed over these winged pests! Instead Learn a

Same Great Service, Now BBB accredited

Better Business Bureau

We are so excited to finally be Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited! We are still East Tennessee’s top rated Pest Control Company with exceptional customer service but now you have the security of the BBB Rating

ATMOX vs. Clean Space Encapsulation Systems

ATMOX Crawl Space system

ATMOX controlled ventilation system is one of the best options for your crawl space. But there are a lot of other options out there: Vapor barrier, Temperature sensitive vents, Fans on humidistat or timer, Conditioned crawlspace with

Are Cellar Spiders (Daddy Long-Legs Spiders) Poisonous?

Cellar Spiders Poisonous Venom? There is an urban legend stating that daddy long-legs spiders have the most potent venom of any spider, but that their chelicerae (fangs) are either too small or too weak to puncture human skin; the

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets Yellow jackets are beneficial around home gardens and commercially grown fruits and vegetables at certain times because they feed on caterpillars and harmful flies. When the populations peak in late summer and early

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter Lawn Care Tips: In most parts of the country, lawn grass goes dormant in the winter. In the south, cool season ryegrass is often overseeded into the turf to maintain a green lawn. In

Kudzu Bugs Are Making Their Presence Known

Kudzu Bugs Invade Friday, December 6, 2013 Source:  BEN R. WILLIAMS – Bulletin Staff Writer Winter may be just around the corner, but that hasn’t stopped the kudzu bug from appearing in and around area homes. Megacopta cribraria,

Crazy Ants Invade Southern U.S.

(CNN) — Beware the “crazy ants.” Researchers at the University of Texas are warning that the invasive species from South America has the potential to change the ecological balance in the southeastern United States, largely because

Tracking whole colonies shows ants make career moves

Because all the workers in an ant colony look the same, tracking their movements and interactions by eye is fiendishly difficult. Instead, Danielle Mersch and her colleagues tagged every single worker in entire colonies