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Happy Halloween from us at Preferred Pest!


At Preferred Pest we LOVE Halloween. Is there anything better than coming together in your community with your family? This halloween we want to remind you while this is one of our favorite holidays

What are those tiny white bugs floating around Knoxville?

DSC_0054 - Copy (7)

You’ve seen ’em while outside, you’ve thought they were dirt or fuzz or dust, but they aren’t and they are invading Knoxville, Tennessee. They are the Asian wooly hackberry aphid or commonly called the

Number One Rated Pest Control Company

House in hand against spring green background. Real estate concept

We are so proud and excited to be Knoxville’s Number One rated Pest Control Company, and always appreciative of our customers, the people who voted us Number One! We’ve recently been teaming up with Knoxville’s

Back to School and Back on the Playground


School is back in session and that means our kids are out running around on playgrounds and getting back into the swing of things. With our kids out of the house that means what

The House, the house is on FIRE! … from Fire Ants

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Summer is upon us and with this gorgeous warm southern weather comes bugs, pests and rodents. One of the most annoying bugs you can find in East Tennessee is the Fire Ant. Fire Ants look

They’re Coming to Invade Your Home: ANTS!


As the East Tennessee weather gets warmer, more and more insects will begin to come alive, looking for delicious spots to invade your home. One pest we are sure to see a lot of

Don’t Worry About it, New Online Bill Pay Option


Don’t miss another payment for your lawn, termite or pest control. Now we are proud to feature a new option to pay your bill, online! It’s so easy! Just click here or the link

Be the Envy of the Neighborhood

Residential two story brick home

Be the envy of the neighborhood this summer with an amazing lawn. Start now with a Spring Emergent Herbicide. A Spring Emergent lawn care product eliminates weeds at the earliest stage of growth — before

Fall Invaders are coming: Kudzu Bugs


These fall invaders, the Kudzu Bug became increasingly popular of a nuisance in 2009, quickly invading the Southeast. The kudzu bug has gained considerable notoriety for the economic problems it causes. Based on what is

Tips for a Plentiful Fall Garden without the Pests


At Preferred Pest Termite & Turf, we are proud to offer many kid and pet safe options, something we think is so necessary in this world of over exposure to unnatural chemicals and processes.