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They’re Here to Invade Your Home

Stink Bugs! Yes, it’s time, and in East Tennessee they are in full effect, Stink bugs are everywhere and ready to invade your home. This fall invader is one of the biggest nuisances of

The Fall Invaders are Coming!


It’s that time of year again. With fall and pumpkin spice lattes also comes Fall Invaders in East Tennessee. Who are these invaders? Kudzu Bugs Boxelder Bugs Stink Bugs Lady Bugs These four pests come out strong in East

Fall Invaders are Here


Fall invaders are here and storming your home or business. That’s right, with the colder weather here in East Tennessee certain pests are going to try to invade your home. The most common pests

Fall Invaders Are Coming: Stink bugs


When you live in East Tennessee these little scaly pests, the Stink bug, is no stranger and with fall quickly approaching us it is time to see these fall invaders in full force. The stink

Stink Bugs & the Tomato Gardener


As a gardener you may face challenges with specific pests throughout the growing season.  Stink bugs may raise such challenge if you have tomato plants.  While more of a cosmetic pest of the home

Pest Prevention: Stink Bugs

Annoying household brown marmorated stink bug in macro close up photo

With fall approaching, like lady bugs, you may start to see a less attractive insect starting to take shelter in your home, stink bugs.  Here are some tips to prevent them from using your