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Don’t fret, not all spiders are the worst

Burning House

Tennessee is home to many species of spiders; however, only three are poisonous – the black widow and the brown recluse and the brown widow. Both of these species are found in every Tennessee county.

Martha Stewart’s Natural Repellent and Treatments for Bug Bites


Today we ask that you check out these great ideas for natural repellents and treatments for bug bites!  Martha gives tips and tricks on how to use everything from essential oils to tobacco! So

Spider Prevention Tips from Martha Stewart

Eucalyptus soap shavings  where spider webs are found may prevent future home building.

As the cold weather approaches we start to see more pests inside the home as they seek shelter for the season, including spiders.  Many of you may feel similar unpleasant thoughts about these eight legged

Spiders Out in Force This Fall

Spiders Out In Force This Fall There seems to be a lot of spiders around this year. They have two body parts, usually eight eyes, eight legs and, to some, are downright creepy. Spiders tend to

Bug Invaders Arriving This Fall: Are You Ready?

Bugs Arriving This Fall: In a matter of weeks, we’ll be relieved from swatting away mosquitoes during backyard barbecues. But that only means a new pest threat is ready to rear its head — pest

Where do spiders hangout?

[Spider Control] Spider Hangouts These eight-legged pests can be tricky to find in and around structures. Here’s where to look for them. LARRY PINTO & SANDRA KRAFT | June 25, 2013 Editor’s Note: This article was adapted from Techletter, a