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Buying or Selling Your Home? You’ll Want to Read This

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Termites, oh those pesky termites. Easy to keep away from your home, but detrimental to your property’s value if you get an invasion. If you are planning on buying or selling your home you

Termite Season is Year Round


Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean termites have slowed down. Termites remain active year round – even during the winter. In Tennessee, termites are especially actually active year-round. The termites may not be as active,

Why You Need A Termite Letter

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Termite Letters or Termite Inspections are greatly appreciated, even required / expected in the purchase of any real estate. And it doesn’t need to be a big head ache for you, the buyer or

Termite Letter for Your House Closing

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Purchasing your first home can be a wonderful and stressful experience. Almost all real estate transactions require a termite letter. Since termites are common to the East Tennessee area, you definitely want to be