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Mosquitoes:  The Latest Buzz is Bad RIVERSIDE, CA — For thousands of years, civilizations have dreaded the high-pitched whine and irritating welts of mosquitoes — and the deadly infections they carry. Now UC Riverside researchers have

Bug Invaders Arriving This Fall: Are You Ready?

Bugs Arriving This Fall: In a matter of weeks, we’ll be relieved from swatting away mosquitoes during backyard barbecues. But that only means a new pest threat is ready to rear its head — pest

Experts urge residents to protect against mosquitoes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. —Experts are hoping residents take extra precaution against the many mosquitoes that have recently cropped up in the area. Noting that plenty of these unwelcome guests are expected to join residents as they

Monster Mosquitoes Coming This Season?

Don’t be lulled into thinking that last year’s drought will keep this year’s mosquitoes at bay. (Photo: Marisol Amador, University of Florida) Last year’s drought that continues this year in some parts of the country was