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Fall Invaders are Here


Fall invaders are here and storming your home or business. That’s right, with the colder weather here in East Tennessee certain pests are going to try to invade your home. The most common pests

Fall Invaders are coming: Kudzu Bugs


These fall invaders, the Kudzu Bug became increasingly popular of a nuisance in 2009, quickly invading the Southeast. The kudzu bug has gained considerable notoriety for the economic problems it causes. Based on what is

Kudzu Bug Natural Prevention


Though pesticides may be needed occasionally, many of you may prefer to prevent some pests before they are needed to reduce the amount of chemicals in or around your home.. here are some tips

Kudzu bugs, your home, & house plants.


Kudzu bugs are light brown to olive green and about the same size as a lady bug.  What do they do you might ask, as these are not on the top list of common