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Should I close my crawl space vents during winter?

ATMOX Mounting Dead Area Fan

In short the answer is generally yes, they should be closed up during the winter months. If you follow a typical Monthly Maintenance Schedule, Preferred Pest Termite and Turf recommend the month of October in East Tennessee

Keep that Basement or Crawl Space Clean

ATMOX Mounting Dead Area Fan

Does your basement or enclosed structure get the proper moisture control it needs? Vapor barriers in a crawl spaces or basements are important because the earth adds an ample amount of moisture to a crawl space. Moisture causes

Preferred Customers Act Now For the Best Savings

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Are you an existing Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf Customer? If you are now is the time to save big on those services you have been debating and haven’t acted on. Start now for

We need rain but not in our crawlspace

frozen pipes leaking

November through January are typically pretty wet months here in East Tennessee, while it hasn’t been the case lately, and boy we could sure use some rain, we are expecting the precipitation to pick

East Tennessee Humidity Can Ruin Your Home

Things get hot here in East Tennessee, and not just hot, but HUMID… like really really humid. You can’t go outside in the south without feeling moist and muggy. But while this is so

Baby It’s Cold Out Here

frozen pipes leaking

With cold temperatures this winter and sporadic snow fall it’s easy to forget about home maintenance and the potential of your pipes bursting. Cold temperatures are hard on those pipes especially if they are

Horror Stories of CleanSpace

So you have moisture in your crawl space and need a solution? Maybe CleanSpace is not the solution for you. Here are some of the most common horror stories we’ve heard first hand about CleanSpace Encapsulation

ATMOX vs. Clean Space Encapsulation Systems

ATMOX Crawl Space system

ATMOX controlled ventilation system is one of the best options for your crawl space. But there are a lot of other options out there: Vapor barrier, Temperature sensitive vents, Fans on humidistat or timer, Conditioned crawlspace with

Pest Prevention: Stink Bugs

Annoying household brown marmorated stink bug in macro close up photo

With fall approaching, like lady bugs, you may start to see a less attractive insect starting to take shelter in your home, stink bugs.  Here are some tips to prevent them from using your

Eliminating Crawl Space Moisture

Four Steps for Eliminating Your Moisture Problem 1. Find the Source First, eliminate the source of the problem by determining how moisture is getting into the space. For example: Is it a leak in the roof, siding or