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Carpenter Bees vs. Bumblebees


There are many benefits to seeing bees around your home, but make sure they are the RIGHT kind of bee. Bumblebees are known to be unaggressive and harmless to your home, and play a vital

Do You Have Carpenter Bees or Woodpeckers?


Do You Have Carpenter Bees or Woodpeckers?  Well you might very well have both. Carpenter Bees tend to be a tasty treat for these beautiful timber destroying birds. The original entrance hole of the

Are Carpenter Bees Attacking Your Home?

typical female carpenter bee

Carpenter Bees get their common name is because nearly all species of these bees build their nests in burrows in dead wood, bamboo, or structural timbers, often attacking your home. Carpenter bees are often

DIY: Carpenter Bee traps

With the addition of a wooden structure to attract the bees, carpenter bee traps are pretty similar to a wasp trap.  Below are the tools and instructions on how to build one to help

Pest Prevention: Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are large, shiny and black in color, some species having yellow markings on the head. Carpenter bees are commonly mistaken for bumble bees.  They can be very valuable as pollinators.  Carpenter bees

Carpenter Bees – The Flying Power Drill

Carpenter Bees Have Started Their Spring Drilling Along with the pollen comes the “flying power drill,” also known as a carpenter bee. Carpenter bees are large, black and yellow bees often seen hovering around the