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Knoxville’s Best Night Show: Fireflies

magical lights sparkling in mysterious forest at night

Summer in East Tennessee can mean so many things, one of our favorites here at Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf are FIREFLIES! These awesome summer bugs will light up the night skies in your

Protect Your Garden


June Bugs are here in East Tennessee and ready to devour your garden! The June Bug is really scarab beetles. There are several different species that can be bothering you. In the Knoxville and surrounding

Fireflies light up the Night Sky in East Tennessee


Here at Preferred Pest Termite & Turf we get so excited for the brilliance of firefly season. Not only are they so magical in the night, but they are fairly specific to our beautiful

Fall Leaf Piles, Rake for the Houses Sake!

Falling leaves may be beautiful, something that the Smoky Mountains is known for even is all the vibrant colors Tennessee has to offer, but the leaf piles that are left behind could be a