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The House, the house is on FIRE! … from Fire Ants

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Summer is upon us and with this gorgeous warm southern weather comes bugs, pests and rodents. One of the most annoying bugs you can find in East Tennessee is the Fire Ant. Fire Ants look

They’re Coming to Invade Your Home: ANTS!


As the East Tennessee weather gets warmer, more and more insects will begin to come alive, looking for delicious spots to invade your home. One pest we are sure to see a lot of

Odorous House Ants: A Smelly Invader

Odorous House Ants

The Odorous House Ants is a native species, found throughout Eastern Tennessee. It earns its name by producing a foul, “rotten coconut” odor when crushed, something you might not know at first, and making

Natural Repellants: Ants

Looking for natural alternatives to pesticides to keep your home ant free this summer?  Research has proven that cinnamon essential oils work and here’s why: Because cinnamon essential oil distills the scent of leaves into

Active Ants in Knoxville

Control Ants in your Knoxville Home Similar to all other insects and animals, ants can be found anywhere. They usually won’t cause any problem to humans until they start relocating inside and attacking homes. People