ATMOX Ventilated Crawlspace Moisture Solutions


ATMOX EZ Control BoxFor prevention and correction of crawlspace moisture we use ATMOX products.  We offer their computer controlled vented crawlspace solution which does the following:


  • Proven to be more effective than crawl space encapsulation services
  • Manages moisture in the crawl space by optimizing ventilation with computer controlled dew point sensors
  • Uses low voltage DC-powered fans
  • Powers fans and controller all from one outlet
  • Creates balanced air flow with wide variety of fan choices
  • Is fully automatic once installed
  • Allows for monitoring of crawlspace conditions
  • Runs very energy efficiently
  • Has option to incorporate use of a dehumidifier
  • Has option to hook up to solar panel and battery
  • Easily installed within a day
  • Savings of up to 80% verses crawl space encapsulation services


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ATMOX Mounting Dead Area Fan