Who’s the Greenest Lawn of Them All?

Perfectly striped freshly mowed garden lawn

Want an amazing green lawn this coming spring? Want to be the envy of the neighborhood? The first step is aeration and over seeding, but a simple step following that is to remember to water

They’re Here to Invade Your Home

Stink Bugs! Yes, it’s time, and in East Tennessee they are in full effect, Stink bugs are everywhere and ready to invade your home. This fall invader is one of the biggest nuisances of

Happy Halloween from us at Preferred Pest!


At Preferred Pest we LOVE Halloween. Is there anything better than coming together in your community with your family? This halloween we want to remind you while this is one of our favorite holidays

What are those tiny white bugs floating around Knoxville?

DSC_0054 - Copy (7)

You’ve seen ’em while outside, you’ve thought they were dirt or fuzz or dust, but they aren’t and they are invading Knoxville, Tennessee. They are the Asian wooly hackberry aphid or commonly called the