Fleas and Ticks on Those Furry Friends

IHappy Young Boy and His Dog in Front Yard of Their House.f you have a dog or cat, or any animal that goes indoors and out, odds are you’re going to need to protect them from a summer pest, Fleas and Ticks.

There are a few options you can choose to keep your furry friends safe from these pests.
The top two topical flea treatments for both dogs and cats are Advantage II and Frontline Plus. They use different active ingredients, imidacloprid and fipronil, respectively, to eradicate infestations. The two insecticides work differently, but experts say that when used correctly, they are both safe and effective.

Do flea collars really work on dogs?
Most flea and tick collars are an option for dogs and cats who are not suffering from an existing infestation of pests. That is, they may be effective at preventing, but not curing, an infestation. The second type of treatment collars emit active ingredients that kill fleas and ticks on contact, before they bite. 
Now what if you already have fleas or ticks?
  1. Be sure it’s fleas. Scratching can indicate an array of issues.
  2. Delouse your pet with a spot-on treatment.
  3. As soon as you’ve applied a flea and larvae killing treatment, Vacuum thoroughly and wash all dog beds.
  4. Take special care with prevention to avoid future infestations.

And the best way to prevent these future infestations? Call Preferred Pest Termite and Turf. We offer many options kid and pet safe for flea and tick prevention and can do it within your budget. Call us at 865-297-3789 to keep your furry friends safe and healthy.


  1. Cedric Hall August 22, 2017

    Need sprayed for fleas is there a payment plan or pay in full at time of service

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      We’d love to discuss options, give us a call at 865-297-3789


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