Fleas and Ticks on Those Furry Friends

Happy Young Boy and His Dog in Front Yard of Their House.

If you have a dog or cat, or any animal that goes indoors and out, odds are you’re going to need to protect them from a summer pest, Fleas and Ticks. There are a few

Protect Your Children, Know What Bug Spray is Best

Group of kids racing a dog

The Environmental Working Group or the EWG scientists have ranked repellents in order of effectiveness against the Aedes mosquito thought to be the primary Zika virus carrier: Most effective DEET (20-30 percent concentration) Picaridin (20 percent concentration) IR 3535 (20 percent concentration) In

Knoxville’s Best Night Show: Fireflies

magical lights sparkling in mysterious forest at night

Summer in East Tennessee can mean so many things, one of our favorites here at Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf are FIREFLIES! These awesome summer bugs will light up the night skies in your