The House, the house is on FIRE! … from Fire Ants

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.25.36 PMSummer is upon us and with this gorgeous warm southern weather comes bugs, pests and rodents. One of the most annoying bugs you can find in East Tennessee is the Fire Ant. Fire Ants look very much like ordinary ants.  They are between a tenth and a fourth of an inch in size and reddish brown to black in color.  Imported Fire Ants are very aggressive when disturbed and cause a painful sting that produces a small white pustule about 8-24 hours following the sting. While their bites are painful to everyone, only a small percentage of people are allergic. Much like a bee sting, a fire ant sting can be serious, even lethal. 2017_IFA_map

It is typically easier to prevent fire ant colonization than it is to eliminate existing colonies after they have infested an area. This is another reason why it’s good to have a pest control plan on a regular schedule. If you already have mounds with fire ants. You will need to bait each mound individually to eradicate the ants. Large well established mounds may need several treatments to totally eradicate. This can be consuming of your time and money and why we always welcome calls to set up your yard treatment. Preferred Pest Termite & Turf offers many pet and kid safe options that will stop fire ants in their tracks. So call Preferred Pest Termite & Turf at 865-297-3789 today!

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