Protect Your Garden

june-bugs-01312017-minJune Bugs are here in East Tennessee and ready to devour your garden! The June Bug is really scarab beetles. There are several different species that can be bothering you. In the Knoxville and surrounding area June Bugs usually arrive in late May or early June. Your grass roots, garden, flowers and plants may be destroyed by these seasonal visitors.

WBIR Channel 10 is even on the scoop about these active pests. June bugs don’t bite, sting, or spread disease. The bad news: adult June bugs feed on trees and shrubs, and can cause quite a bit of damage to your landscaping. Even more harmful are the grubs, who live underground and feed on your plant roots, harming plants. June Bug is nocturnal, it is attracted to bright lights. They will gather around security lights, well-lit windows and porch lights. This over exposure to light is believed to sometimes kill the June Bug and they are very often found lying dead the next day under lights and brightly lit windows. KO_FC

Worried about the invasion of June Bugs? Don’t be! With a regular schedule pest control treatment set up there’s no need to worry about these pests or others. Call today at 865-297-3789 to protect your garden and yard! And be sure to ask about Preferred Pest Termite and Turf‘s kid and pet safe options!


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