Buying or Selling Your Home? You’ll Want to Read This

Termites, oh those pesky termites. Easy to keep away from your home, but detrimental to your property’s value if you get an invasion. If you are planning on buying or selling your home you have to by law have a termite letter of inspection. Your realtor is working hard to ensure you get the best deal, but make sure you get that home with a fuss free termite letter.

Preferred Pest, Termite &Turf Management specializes in Termite Inspections and Wood Destroying Inspection reports and is ranked #1 in customer service in the area. Family Standing By Sold Sign Outside Home

Upon arrival, our inspector will perform a thorough inspection of the property for subterranean termite activity and damage.  The customer is then presented with an inspection report and termite inspection which includes a graph of the property and the proper state form required by lenders. Our inspectors are punctual and professional on every service call.

Call us today for the best termite letter service in Knoxville, TN! 865.297.3789

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