Run for the Hills! Swarming Termites are Coming!

hqdefaultSwarming Termites!!! Could there be anything worse!?!  Don’t Run for the Hills, Instead Call Preferred Pest Termite and Turf to stop these swarmer in before they take over your home.

Termite swarmers are winged termites whose main role in life is reproducing and creating new termite colonies, YUCK! Swarms occur when established colonies produce winged male and female termites in order to reproduce. After these mating flights, fertilized termites shed their wings and go on to establish new colonies. Termites seen flying in a home are indicative of a mature colony.

How do you know if you have these? Look for discarded wings around window sills – Flying termites (also known as swarmers) are often confused with flying ants, because both their winged mating cycles occur during the springtime. However, flying ants do not shed their wings.

Don’t take any chances on your biggest investment, call Preferred Pest at 865-297-3789 today to start up one of our many termite plans.

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