Be the Envy of the Neighborhood

Residential two story brick homeBe the envy of the neighborhood this summer with an amazing lawn. Start now with a Spring Emergent Herbicide. A Spring Emergent lawn care product eliminates weeds at the earliest stage of growth — before you even see them! There are so many great reasons to use a Spring Emergent Herbicide:

The weed is eliminated permanently, because the seed is allowed to germinate, and the young tender sprout is killed. A Spring emergents break the cycle of constant regrowth of new weeds.
A minimal amount of labor is involved in applying either a granular or a liquid version. The chemical is activated by applying water, usually within a couple of days, sufficient to soak it into the ground. It can remain effective in the soil for several weeks up to several months, depending on the ingredient used and the concentration of it. This benefit comes right at the time when there are so many other gardening tasks to which you want or need to give your attention.
Deal more easily with any remaining weeds that manage to escape this treatment. Most importantly, you are able to knock down any remaining population of weeds before they go to seed.
Each successive season the need to spray a post- emergent weed killer is lessened and perhaps gone for good. The ideal status of completely eliminating weeds would also require that you take other measures to get your lawn healthy, thick and strong, and able to out-compete any challengers. In many yards, due to outside infestations, the need to continue with this herbicide will continue. Yet the advantage will be yours.

This is a great start for a great yard this Spring and Summer and Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf is here to help! Call us to get a GREAT quote on our turf services and get ahead of the weeds this year! Call Preferred Pest, Termite & Turf today at 865-297-3789.

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