Do You Have Carpenter Bees or Woodpeckers?

Do You Have Carpenter Bees or Woodpeckers?  Well you might very well have both. Carpenter Bees tend to be a tasty treat for these beautiful timber destroying birds. The original entrance hole of the female carpenter bee is usually on the undersides of the wood, there are often large patches of yellowish bee excreta exuding from these holes. Carpenter bee larvae are noisy and tend to attract woodpeckers who will drill holes along the tunnels feeding on the larvae, making that carpenter bee damage even worse.

woodpecker-on-house_zps49b07d59Don’t let this carpenter bees AND woodpeckers cost you tons in home repairs! Take care of them today! Call Preferred Pest Termite & Turf at 865-297-3789 and deal with these pests in a safe efficient way.

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  1. Western drywood termites infest dry, undamaged wooden in artifical constructions, together with furniture and different wooden objects found throughout the house.


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