A day in the Life of a Boxelder Bug

We’ve talked about how to prevent and exterminated these little guys, but a little education on their behavior never hurts.


**image from savorlife.com

Box elder bugs do not nest indoors year-round. Rather, they make their homes in box elder, maple and ash trees during warmer seasons and migrate into buildings and homes to find shelter for the winter.They enter through small cracks and crevices within the building, and remain inside, hibernating, through fall and winter. They emerge when heat sources within the building are high and can be located in the warmest areas of a structure’s walls. While they do not cause damage to buildings, their droppings leave stains on furniture and linens.

Adults live and breed on the leaves of box elder trees, laying their eggs in spring. They feed on soft parts of box elder trees, including leaves, flowers and new twigs. They also extract juices, causing minimal to substantial damage to their host tree.

Just be more aware that you may have an issue with these coming into your home if any of these trees or bushes are on your property.  Personally I had never seen one until this morning and I found one hanging out on top of the recycle bin.  More common to my house are stink bugs and lady bugs so as with all pest problems,the outdoor environment surrounding your home may influence which pests you see most frequently.

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