Fall Leaf Piles, Rake for the Houses Sake!

Falling leaves may be beautiful, something that the Smoky Mountains is known for even is all the vibrant colors Tennessee has to offer, but the leaf piles that are left behind could be a

A day in the Life of a Boxelder Bug


We’ve talked about how to prevent and exterminated these little guys, but a little education on their behavior never hurts. **image from Box elder bugs do not nest indoors year-round. Rather, they make their homes

Pumpkin Pest Control


Pumpkin carving is a long standing Halloween tradition, and many of us like to get the most out of our Halloween decor.  We’d like to share a few tips to keep pests away from

Natural Insecticide for Boxelder Bugs


    If you wish to try and avoid chemical pesticides there is a simple alternative, soap and water.  Just add 1 or 2 Tbsp (15 to 30 ml) of dish soap to a standard-size spray