Kudzu bugs, your home, & house plants.

Kudzu bugs are light brown to olive green and about the same size as a lady bug.  What do they do you might ask, as these are not on the top list of common pests.


**Image courtesy of clemsonuniversity.edu

Kudzu bugs feed on kudzu and on many other plants such as wisteria, soybeans, and most any bean plant.  In the fall, large numbers of kudzu bugs will move from these plants to better shelter for winter

Many winter homes for these creatures include leaf-litter and crevices on trees or shrubs. Unfortunately, many of the protected places they also seek are cracks, crevices, and voids around homes and other buildings. They prefer light colors on houses, particularly white. Kudzu bugs are often observed around window trim, door frames, gutters, and sunlit areas that are often brightly colored.

During the spring, kudzu bugs become active again and search for suitable host plants for feeding and reproduction. They are often observed aggregating on numerous kinds of plants during the spring while waiting for their preferred hosts to leaf-out.

Large numbers of kudzu bugs are a nuisance in and around structures. Their body secretions produce a foul odor and can stain fabrics and wall coverings. Directly handling kudzu bugs can cause staining of the skin and even blistering and moderate discomfort in some sensitive individuals.

Most insecticides will kill a kudzu bug so a preventative treatment should keep your home and house plants clear.

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